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Bad Medicine Sportfishing

Bad Medicine Sportfishing was born in 1995 in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. While fishing on various charter boats for five years prior to that, we observed and learned a lot in the areas of what we liked and what not to do, and how important it was to have a quality boat and the finest tackle available. Combine those factors with a top notch crew and one of the finest fisheries in the world, and you have Bad Medicine Sportfishing.

We accept approximately 100 charter trips per year in an effort to keep our crew busy and to cover costs. Business is second. Fishing always comes first.

Our crew has stayed in the family for over 20 years. The only transition was the original captain's brother took over the helm in 2000. Capitan Bernie and deck hand Beto have become trusted friends. You will be hard pressed to find a crew which pays more attention to detail. These guys love to fish, period. It shows in all of their work. It is truly a pleasure to spend the day on the water with professionals and close friends.

Our Cabo 35' has been re-powered with twin 350 HP turbo Cummins. These 4 strokes run as smooth as any motor available. We cruise at 30 MPH and can reach any location quickly and efficiently where the fish are biting. We have all top of the line electronics on board and all the comforts of home in relation to A/C, stereo, Wi-Fi and a comfortable salon for your relaxation.

We have spared nothing in the line of tackle and equipment. We run brand new Shimano and Penn reels and Calstar and Melton rods. We carry all weights of gear, from 20 lb up to 100 lb. We specialize in light tackle and also carry fly gear on board. If new tackle or technology comes out, we are usually among the first in Cabo to be give it a try.

Come and join the "la familia Bad Medicine," where 90% of our clients are repeat guests. Get down here and let's roll!

Reserve your fishing adventure with our cordial staff at or +52 624-176-6741. And stay caught up on all the Bad Medicine news on our Facebook page. Thanks and look forward to getting you on the water!


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