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 December 2014

With the unusually warm summer weather patterns here in Cabo, we are still seeing summertime water temps. The temp is still over 80 degrees way up on the Pacific side. Beautiful clear blue water all the way to Todos Santos! We have never seen anything like this in December. This is a sign that the bite will stay strong through the next months, as the massive migration south to Cabo has barely begun.

The Dorado bite is nothing less than incredible; Lots of fish in the 25-30 lb range and hitting just about anything on the Pacific side. Please remember to only keep what you need and release the rest. There are good numbers of Wahoo mixed in there as well.

The Striped Marlin have not really begun to move in yet and the Green Mackerel have not yet shown up. We are still getting 3-4 shots per day as we troll for other species. Be assured that in the next weeks as the water cools up north, the Stripeys will show in force.

The Tuna will also be showing up in the next weeks. We are already seeing some decent schools. They are sure to hit us hard real soon. To say the least, each day is a new day out there now as new fish are rolling by all the time. Nothing like Cabo in the fall! We are ready for the best fishing season ever.

Get down here and don’t forget your coolers to bring fish home!. Get booked and we look forward to serving you!


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