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 June 2016

After a brutal spring season in Cabo, we are very happy to announce the bite is back on! There is no real explanation for the lack of fish in the past few months. Seems the currents and water temps kept changing and the lack of stability in conditions kept bait scarce and the fishing inconsistent. All of that is behind us now, as water temps are in the upper 70’s already and the Striped Marlin bite is on fire. We are raising 5-7 fish per day, both on lures and trolled dead bait. Light tackle enthusiasts and fly fisherman are having a blast and we have some amazing video of lit up Stripeys chasing lures right behind the boat. It is so awesome to have our fishery back to normal!

The Wahoo bite has been nothing short of spectacular. Most every day we are seeing Wahoo bites and those that target these fish are seeing many shots per day; white translucent fillets that melt in your mouth when either grilled or "shashimied".

We are also seeing some Dorado. The true Mahi run has not started yet, and usually does not really hit until fall, but they show up now 2X2 (male and female) and some real nice fish are being caught, up to 45 lbs. Interesting thing is that as they spawn in the spring, the baby Dorado can reach up to 12- 15 lbs by this fall migration season; amazing, as these fish have the highest metabolism and grow the fastest of most any species.

As you may have seen, the world record Tuna was caught here in Baja last month, 430 lbs. It was weighed on a non-certified IGFA scale, so it did not qualify for the official record, but what an amazing fish. Tuna schools have been showing up fairly consistently and the bite will improve throughout the summer.

Thanks and look forward to getting you on the water!


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